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Twilight Falls Venue

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Situated in Huffman, Texas, Twilight Falls is a wedding venue enveloped by trees. Neighboring the plot of land is the Lake Houston State Park, further entwining the location with the joys of nature. Opened for weddings in the spring of 2019, the property is owned by Raquel and Ken. The location is ideal for weddings done with a handcrafted feel and allows you to celebrate your special day your way.


At Twilight Falls you can celebrate your wedding with up to 130 of your nearest and dearest. The property is a little over 10 acres and features forests and greenery for a picturesque backdrop. There are two areas outside that can be used for the ceremony. The property also possesses an indoor reception area. For the comfort and convenience of your loved ones, there is a covered pavilion that spans 1,200 square feet. Here you can enjoy the fresh air while taking refuge in the shade. If you so choose, you can rent the house located on the grounds of the estate as well, which has three bedrooms. There is also room in this building for getting ready to walk down the aisle. The location as a whole is suited for rehearsal dinners as well as weddings.

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Services Offered

Wedding events that can be held at Twilight Falls include rehearsals,ceremonies and receptions. Venue staff can assist you with event planning and setup of tables,chair with linens or your choice. All packages comes with exclusive access to the venue from 8:00 am- 11:00 pm.

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Cuisine and Alcohol policy

The venue has a list of preferred Vendors  with whom they have established good working relationships. You can either choose vendors from this list or others with required insurance and licensing.

All events that serve Alcohol must have two security officers attending. Responsible party MUST bring "$400.00 cash day of event".

Any event during which a party wishes to serve,distribute,consume or possess alcoholic beverages must be through a LICENSED caterer permitted by accordance with local ordinance and State law.

bartending2u is a approved vendor by Twilight Falls. 

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